About Us

Maidsland Employment Agency – It is an honest and reliable employment agency that provides customers with one-stop comprehensive services, including contract renewal, extension, transfer and termination procedures. Our company can handle all the procedures on our behalf ; we also provide maid insurance, air tickets and Body check-up service.


Our company regularly sends personnel to the Philippines, Indonesia and other countries to conduct detailed and rigorous on-site interviews and select maids, in order to select high-quality foreign maids to serve Hong Kong employers. In terms of language ability, the Filipino maids introduced by our company can all speak fluent English ; and our center also provides Indonesian maids with working experience in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan for employers to choose. They can speak English, Cantonese and other languages. Chinese or Mandarin to meet the different family needs of employers. Since they already have some experience working as domestic helpers and are familiar with the eating habits and living culture of the Chinese society, employers can save a lot of time on guidance and training, which is especially suitable for busy Hong Kong families.


Our company stipulates that foreign domestic helpers must complete domestic helper training courses in overseas training centers before arriving in Hong Kong to ensure that all overseas maids introduced by our center have received a series of professional training, including: Cantonese, baby care, elderly care, home care, etc. Safety, housework guide, Chinese cooking, Hong Kong-style living habits and culture, etc., to improve the working ability and quality of maids to meet the requirements of Hong Kong employers.


Our company sincerely introduces good foreign maids to customers. All ready-made maids have been personally interviewed and recorded by our company’s staff. No matter they speak English, Cantonese or Mandarin, their language proficiency reaches a certain level before they are introduced to customers.


After-sales service


Our company’s employment consultants promise to follow up on each customer’s needs and regularly monitor the performance of foreign domestic helpers to ensure that customers are satisfied after hiring foreign domestic helpers. Our company pursues the service tenet of “I promise. You have peace of mind”, so that Customers can hire with confidence.

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